Monday, 18 May 2015

Pure evil

I am beyond annoyed right now.

I have spent my afternoon happily levelling my new little sith inquisitor having just come back to Star Wars: The Old Republic. I did all my quests on korriban, got my dude and my lightsaber and was sent to Dromund Kaas.  Here I got to pick my specialization and chose to be a hatred assassin. All in all got nearly 5 levels.  I had started the session at level 6 and at almost level 11 I was kicked off.  The Harbinger was down for a short time.  When I finally was able to log back in (and looking forward to trying out my new double lightsaber) I find myself back at Sith Academy and level 8!!!

Maybe I will redo it all tomorrow or some other day but right now just can't be bothered to play I am that frustrated. As I mentioned on twitter, I haven't seen this level of ass hattery since vanilla wow.

Here she is: The would be hatred assassin.

I was having a lot of fun making her pure evil. Now, I just can't be arsed.

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