Sunday, 24 May 2015

It isn't rocket surgery

Star Wars:The Old Republic is feeling a bit tedious this time around and I am not sure what the difference is.  I've played the little assassin to level 12 and it felt a chore. I thought: well,I loved the Sith Sorcerer on EU and happily levelled her but don't really fancy doing the same storyline again. Why not make a Jedi Consular? So, that is what I did after trying a smuggler. Both I  found, to use the same word, tedious.

Maybe I should just reroll a Sith sorcerer because that is clearly what I enjoy. I did it on EU without all the story XP bonus as well so it must have been fun.

It is also possible I am just not playing the assassin, smuggler and consular right but honestly it isn't rocket surgery.  You push buttons at different times for different situations. Yep, standard MMO stuff.

What to do? What to do? Any suggestions? Leave them below. Or don't. Really don't care either way.

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