Monday, 25 May 2015

Easy mode

Apparently, subbing and playing a class you enjoy makes all the difference. Especially the subbing. I know I said I wasn't going to (if you've read this blog any length of time you will know I change my mind often) but that 12xXP was too tempting.

I did reroll a Sith sorcerer in the end yesterday. When I left her last evening she was level 19 and thanks to Madcow (not his real name but one of his WoW toons) she is decked out in gear and has a mount.

I like the 12x XP for story mode. Because the story is all I am doing so far, I am really getting into it. I enjoy giving snarky answers and having all my decisions be dark side.  Seeing Harkun get his comeuppance from Lord Zash was extremely satisfying. Yes, I know what she is up to.

So F2P versus subbing? Subbing all the way. No doubt you can have the overall experience with F2P but subbing, for me at least, makes it so much more enjoyable.

Maybe I just enjoy easy mode.

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