Thursday, 11 October 2012

My mage

I am coming up to my 8th anniversary of playing WoW. Yes, you read that right. In that time I have created countless mages though never getting them higher than level ten. I knew I was going to love the class but I couldn't get into playing the available races at that time. Human females and their square feet drive me to distraction and the other races for whatever reason weren't right. The closest was the undead female but I am saving that for when I finally make a warlock. Not to mention one of my priests is undead.

When I started playing it was on a female human rogue and orc shaman.  Eventually I would make a night elf druid and my love of night elves was born.  Not only were they tall and lovely but, and I can't stress the importance of this, they flip.

What I did know was that if ever I could make a female night elf mage I would. That would be the combo that would work. I just knew it. So when Blizzard announced that would be possible come cataclysm I nearly squeed myself.

Here she is. My mage Viatrix. Flipping.

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