Tuesday, 9 October 2012

I'd rather be...

I got Idgie to 90 a few days ago and have been doing scenarios and some regular dungeons.  I should be starting heroics and doing dailies but I haven't felt like it. After some soul searching (dramatic!) have concluded it is in fact because I don't like melee unless I am soloing.

I find it annoying constantly moving in and out of things (fire, whirlwind, and whatever else Blizzard chucks in there).  It is much easier to avoid things, I find, as ranged. As ranged I can see the whole area and not just some monsters ass crack. Not to mention tanks moving mobs around making positional attacks a pain (like backstab obviously).

I still adore rogues and the theory behind them.  What I don't enjoy is grouping on a rogue in WoW. I think I will just relegate Idgie to being my jewelcrafter and opening locked boxes while raiding on a ranged DPS class.

Which leaves me two choices. My mage or shadow priest.  Though the priest was meant to be a healer but honestly after years of healing I just can't be arsed.  So that leaves my mage. More on her later.

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