Sunday, 14 October 2012

Don't call me hun

I have a pet peeve when playing online with other women and that is they refer to each other and myself as "hun".  Why does it annoy me so bad? It is derogatory for one.

Not only is it derogatory but the butchering of the endearment sets my teeth on edge. The word is honey with the shortened form being hon. A hun is something entirely different ( a certain group of nomadic people). Pedantic much? You bet. Men don't refer to each other in such a dismissive way. If anything the way they refer to each other evokes a feeling of camaraderie. Mate, dude, bro, man. So why must women, to my mind, belittle each other buy using terms of endearment meant for loved ones especially children? What makes it even more bizarre is the fact these women are strangers and don't know each other from a hole in the ground.

I don't even care when I get referred to as mate, man, dude, bro what have you. I prefer it. At least I am being included instead being of talked down to.

I have my theories on why women do this but I am not going to go into at present.

I don't refer to women in game as hun, sweetie or other such nonsense. I save that for my young nieces.


  1. This probably explains why I've not seen you online for a while, then.

    Next time, might be an idea to directly address the person who has used the term you don't like and explain it to them. It's more likely to make an impression that way. My husband calls me hun, I considered it a term of endearment, but clearly I've not looked at the wider context.

    People's perception may vary ^^

    1. No, I've been levelling several characters and this is something that has bothered me across games, servers, guilds. It isn't one person. If you've read my other blog you will know why I avoid social interaction at times. I will be playing my priest again shortly.