Thursday, 13 September 2012

Transmog Priest

I've been transmogging again.  I have just transferred realms with my priest and upon arriving at her new home I realized she looked awful. She was still wearing early WOTLK raid gear (ToC and possibly Nax and that other one) and a couple greens from a half hearted attempt at questing a year or so ago in Cataclysm (she is still 82).

After perusing her bank, I saw I had saved quite a bit of old gear. I was especially pleased to find Robes of Insight but after doing some researching, scanning the AH and downloading a mod, I couldn't find anything that would match the robe.  However, I did have most of the Devout set. So with a combination of that, a pair of Nax shoulders and a top I was able to make I came up with this:

The staff is also transmogged. That is Cold Convergence which was a ToC drop (Anub'arak) replacing a green staff from a quest in Vashj'ir.

It looks okay. If anyone has any suggestions for pieces that would look good with Robes of Insight do let me know.

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