Thursday, 6 September 2012

Back to the Ranger

Oh how fickle I am.  Two days ago I was all about my engineer and dual wielding pistols. I have been playing my ranger again and now that is all I want to play. For starters, she solos incredibly well.  Not that there is much occasion for soloing in GW2 mind.  More like she farms really well solo. Anyway, I think I will take her to level cap first (this is subject to change. Obviously) and I will play with Ian's elementalist on my engineer or whatever else I decide.  Still toying with the necromancer idea. I won't be done with GW2 any time soon. I do wish I still felt that way about WoW but really it has just been too long. I won't go into a tedious ranty post about the state of WoW.

Could be worse. Things could be as bad as NcSoft just shutting down a game. Oh wait. RIP City of Heroes.  The community is trying to save the game but it isn't seeming likely.  Some of the best character creation ever in that game.

Back to my ranger.

I have been gathering pets. Currently, I use Cotton the polar bear and Jimmy the snow leopard. I also have Nevermore the black raven, Creepy the jungle spider, Snowball the wolf (as seen above) and Giggles the hyena as well as my original kitty, Tygre.

I have spent far too much time posting this. Must. Play.

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