Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Top Secret Round 2

Last night was The Tuesday Knights second sitting of Pete's Top Secret campaign.

Themes of the evening:
Plastic dead dolphin
Human sized
An imposter
A yacht party
7 pairs of shoes
Fan girl
Neck tattoos
yellow finger

It was a fun evening. Much hilarity mainly due to Clare's idea of, I believe , hiding the defector in a dolphin? I see where she was going with it though. Needless to say, was pretty funny.  No doubt Tim will give a more in depth analysis of the night's events.

Edit: Tim already has a review ready. You can find it here

Edit: A metric butt tonne of comma fixes. Slight exaggeration.


  1. If I remember correctly, Clare's suggestion was to smuggle the defector out in box designed for transporting dead dolphins!!! Her reasoning being that no-one would look inside.

    I'm not sure where the need for an actual dead dolphin came in, but that was the element that stuck throughout the evening!

  2. I have just explained myself on Tim's blog in the hope that I can escape with the shreds of my dignity intact :-) It was a fun session, though.