Thursday, 2 August 2012


The good folks at Bioware have announced that this Autumn SW:TOR will adopt a F2P model. Personally, this takes the wind out of my sails in terms of continuing. I was likely going to get to 50 then cancel in time for GW2.  My plan was to come back for new content,etc like I hope to do with Rift. However, the real issue for me is not that it is going F2P but the haters that are getting some sort of joy out of this.

Why? Why hate on a specific MMO title if you've never played it? What is the point of that. I don't like Tera's portrayal of a particular race within it's game but that doesn't mean I hate it and wish it would fail.

I see this a lot too with World of Warcraft.  People hate it because it is popular yet they've never played it.  Yes, gamers apparently have a hipsters faction. Next thing you know, they will play popular games to be ironic. Oh, do fuck off.

Of course these people that hate can't see the bigger picture. They don't realize if a game fails, people are involved. People that could likely lose their jobs.  No, they only worry about their gamer cred.

Hating a title just because the game is popular or not your cup of tea makes you a twat. Simple as.

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