Friday, 31 August 2012

Enter Malysae

I've been playing Guild Wars 2 pretty much non stop since early access except for the few minutes I took to reset my "talents" in WoW.  Ugh. I hold out very little hope for Mists of Pandaria but enough of that.  This is about my new love.  Guild Wars 2.

If you've read this blog you know I was very lukewarm about Guild Wars 2. I do this mainly to avoid hype.  I let myself get a little excited about The Secret World and look where that got me. It was fun for approximately a day. By the time launch rolled around I was over it. Anyway!

I played an elementalist in Guild Wars (never very extensively mind) so decided to give that a go. She is fun. I do like how she can, on the fly, flip between air, fire, earth and water. Then I fancied a ranger. She is really great too especially with a longbow.  I was trying very hard, as you can tell, to not make a thief type. If you know me at all you know how much I love the thief. I caved though. I did.

Enter Malysae.

One of the coolest things about GW2 is the rapid weapon swap. My thief dual wields daggers or, and this is so damn awesome, pistols! She dual wields pistols!  Seriously, all I need is a tricorne and I am set.

I am still learning her and having a blast  doing it. I love all the backward somersaults and some of the kicks she does while dual wielding daggers makes me squee. Out loud.

Oh feel free to add me if you play GW2. merryquitecontrary.3540

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