Thursday, 5 July 2012

TSW, Twitch and SWTOR

I've been neglecting this little blog.  But I've a good excuse. I've been, you know, gaming.

I decided the other day to cancel The Secret World.  I tried to love it. I really did. So much so I made one of every faction but that didn't help.

There are several things about TSW I quite like.  The UI is lovely and streamlined.  One of the best out there. The vibe of the game is excellent.  It just feels spooky but sadly that is where it ends for me.  The main problem for me is there is no reason to play it.  I am a very goal oriented gamer. I usually don't care about story. At least not in any meaningful way. It is all about game play and goals.  Both of which are seriously lacking, in my opinion, with TSW. TSW seems to be a very story driven game with no real purpose other than buying clothes and solving puzzles. Not really what I am looking for in a game. The combat is lacklustre at best. Sims with combat and less cleaning of toilets. Not sure that I have been more disappointed in a game than this one.  I don't think this game will do well in the long run.

It is possible I will go back to TSW. Maybe. Who knows. I didn't fancy SW:TOR at all in beta if you recall and I've been very meh about GW2 but I will play it. There was never any doubt on that score.

In other news I have a account now where I will be broadcasting my gameplay for anyone interested.  Currently I will be doing WoW dungeons and questing in SW:TOR.  When GW2 is released I will broadcast that as well as the Rift expansion this autumn.

I am still quite enamoured of SW:TOR.  My Sith Inquisitor is almost level 32. She has a nifty ride and ship. Combat is great fun, plenty of killing to be had.  I still play Diablo 3 as well though I've certainly slowed down on that due to SW:TOR but now that I have turned Ian to the dark side our D3 playing is minimal. It isn't going anywhere though.

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