Sunday, 8 July 2012

Have you seen my droid?

"Oh my gawd. Where is my droid??"

How many times have I said that very thing to Ian?  I suppose I should explain. Ian and I like to duo on our siths in SWTOR. I bring my droid, 2V-R8, as a healer and he brings Vette,his woo-hooing (I don't mean in the Sims Woo-Hooing way. I mean in the she is very excited about killing stuff way) companion (dps). In theory that is a perfect set-up right?  It would be except my droid seems to like to do his own thing.

For example, the other day Ian and I  ran past another player while questing.  We tagged some mobs near said player and proceeded to kill them but my droid was no where to be found.  He certainly wasn't healing. Upon inspection, we found him punching the other players mob.  Huh?

He also likes to go for the mob that is the furthest away from the tank (Ian) and punch them.  

The obvious solution is to not use 2V-R8. Guild members say he is bugged.  We like to have a healer though and Ian could bring his healer Quinn (or whatever his name is.  He looks like the dude from the Matrix) but he prefers hanging out with Vette and I don't mind my droid. I just wish he would stay put and stop punching things.

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