Monday, 11 June 2012

SW:TOR Rue update

One of the things I love more than anything in Star Wars:The Old Republic is the story telling.  Normally I am not a lore nut.  In fact, I am quite meh about it.  Sure I know my WoW lore (some of it) only from playing for so long and now writing about it for OnRPG but it has never been a big part of game play for me. SW:TOR is different probably because I am actively involved in the story. I am making the decisions on how my story plays out.  This morning, for example, I could have set the Major's son free but instead I killed him and stole the weapon he was trying to get.  When I had to return to his father, I ended up killing him as well.  The point is, I could have done it differently but I made a conscious decision to go the very evil route. I love that about SW:TOR.

I reached Dark Level 1 yesterday and her eyes turned an orangey red colour but I've disabled the option to show dark side changes.

So now I am just finishing up on Balmorra.  I found a vendor that I could buy ship bits for my ship so that has made space battles much easier.  Though on rails, I still find the space battles enjoyable.

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