Thursday, 3 May 2012

I'd rather be playing Diablo III

Since the kick ass-ness of the Diablo III open beta I have tried out Torchlight and Diablo II in my jones for Diablo III.

What I have learned is this: Neither of them are Diablo III. Or even close for that matter.


Graphically Torchlight reminds me of WoW though a bit goofier.  It is not my favourite art style though I still play WoW but for reasons other than it's graphics so I shall overlook Torchlight's graphics as well.
While Torchlight is fun it certainly does not create a mood like Diablo III. And to be fair, I think that is a big part of the draw for me.  It is something I always comment on when reviewing games.  Combat is much the same. Right click and left click and some hot bar numbers.  Easy.  From what I can tell Torchlight seems to be mostly in a mine or dungeon of some description  rather than out and about in the wild.  One of the fun things about Diablo III was opening the entire map getting all the goods and monsters and discovery little hidden dens or rooms to explore.  Torchlight, so far, seems to be just take this portal and go kill some stuff.

Diablo II

I was warned before hand about the graphics.  Hand drawn apparently and not 3D.  Surely, how bad can it be?  The graphics were dated obviously as the game was released in 2000.  The best thing is the killing loads of stuff.  I didn't really feel any immersion but I've not gotten too terribly far into as I am still trying out classes.  I did die once though.  My Amazon was standing there in town with no weapons or gold when she spawned after dying.  Richard, who played the bejeebus out of Diablo II back in the day, was there to explain that I had to do a corpse run.  Bah.  Lesson learned.  Don't die.

In true Blizzard fashion of recycling I noticed the paladin has "might".  Clearly the precursor to the WoW paladin's Blessing of Might.

I think while both are enjoyable and I will continue to play them, I really am all about Diablo III.


  1. Couldn't agree more. I will play Torchlight 2 when it comes out as it introduces a more open world approach, but its all about Diablo 3 for me too - never been so excited for a game.

  2. If your looking for a Diablo 3 fix... Check out Titan Quest. By far superior then either torchlight and diablo 2... Steam link...