Wednesday, 4 April 2012

WoW Wednesday-Silliness and a dungeon

Here we are at WoW Wednesday again.  In commemoration of this very momentous second WoW Wednesday I have created two short videos of in game footage and commentary.

The first is me and Ian, my long time gaming buddy messing around in Burning Steppes.  There may be swearing.  From me.  The second video is Richard, Ian, myself and a couple random DPS in Gnomeregan.  It would have been longer but Fraps was killing my frame rate likely because I was recording and AoE-ing.

In other news,  I pre ordered The Secret World today.  It means I get to play all the weekend betas in May. And that means more videos! I am super stoked.  I know Jonathan was flailing about on Twitter as well when it was announced that pre orders were available. I've just had a fab thought!  Wonder if I can get Jonathan on Mumble with me for TSW video.  He is Irish which should make any American ladies who read my blog swoon.


  1. Little forewarning ladies, I don't have a thick accent unless I'm tired.

    So... 4am suit you Merry? :P

    1. I am sure the ladies will be fine with a gentle Irish lilt.