Monday, 23 April 2012

The Secret War

Aside from my almost obsessive level of Diablo III playing I have been enjoying The Secret War.  What is that you ask? You are in luck.  I am going to tell you.

The Secret War is marketing really.  Also it is a Facebook browser app in which the three different factions: Illuminati, Templars and Dragon fight over the world map for control.  This is done by deploying your agents which are your Facebook "friends" of the same faction and by sharing propaganda.  I currently have over 300 plus "friends" on Facebook that are all Templars.  There was a mass recruiting drive within the last couple of days.

The player can deploy their agents once an hour and share each piece of propaganda once every six hours.  As you gain points through deployment and propaganda you go up in levels with the goal being Secret Agent which guarantees you a spot in the weekend betas in May. Each level gets you some in game items like weapons or clothes.

While it isn't terribly exciting game play it does build on the excitement for release of The Secret World. Bring on May and the beta weekends!

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