Friday, 13 April 2012

Mixed bag

I've been having a browse of what Steampunk RPGs are out there and sadly there aren't many.  None from what I can tell that are pure steampunk.  I thought I would attempt to run a campaign for the Tuesday Knights but after researching and borrowing books from Tim, I think I am woefully unprepared for such an endeavour. I shall keep studying and researching and hope that I can manage a small dungeon crawl of some description.

In other news,  TSW beta weekends start May 11 for us that pre ordered.  Did I mention I has a squee??

Also I've written an article about WoW for a gaming site.  Hard to believe someone is willing to pay me to write about a game.  Supposedly, I will hear from the editor next week.

If anyone is interested about my friend I've made the tutorial videos for, she is doing really well.  She got a night elf hunter to 20 on the recommended realm.  She then subbed and started a new hunter on the realm I currently play on.  She even joined a guild :) I has a proud.  Now we just need to get her into a dungeon as hunters can be tricky to play in dungeons.  If we take her and by we I mean myself, Richard and Ian then we can help her and prevent her from getting yelled at by asshats.

Pretty slow right now unless you are in GW2 beta, which I am not. However do expect videos next month of TSW!

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