Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Back in black

Sorry to anyone who may have seen my nutter blog post here.  Ooops!

 It seems I am bit crap at keeping up on WoW Wednesday.  Here it is Tuesday and the only thing I have to really write about is my rogue.  I am trying to find her an all black armour set that is rogue appropriate.  Blizzard, in my opinion, does some shockingly awful armour sets. Now that transmogrification has been implemented the prices of  low level armour sets have sky-rocketed since some prefer a more tone downed look.

Ian and Richard both have ran my rogue through deadmines a couple times (she was 15 when I decided I MUST have a black set) and only the defias gloves dropped.  I am hoping to get the defias legs, bandit belt and will make black whelp armour. I found  Bandit boots on the AH for 20g which was very very low considering most bandit pieces go for 300-400g.  For shoulders I got the swords deck which starts a quest at level 20 and the reward is black shoulders.

Bandit set

Defias set
She should be looking fab and stealthy black in no time.

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