Sunday, 25 March 2012

WoW Tutorial Video-my first!

I have a friend who this past weekend decided to try World of Warcraft having never played MMOs but has played console games.  After talking to her this morning it was clear that the game itself wasn't helping her get adjusted.  I told her I would make her a tutorial post but then I decided to go one further.  Since I can't physically be with her and show her, I made her a video!

This is my first video so don't expect wondrous things.


  1. Cool. Great little vid. Still not convinced I have the patience for an MMO, but this is neat nonetheless (even though you appear to be fireballing puppies!)

    1. They were kitties and I feel bad enough about it thank you very much!

      The offer stands Tim if you want help starting one I am willing to help.

    2. Possibly one day... when I'm more "with it" ;)

      It would probably be a Star Wars-y, Star Trek-y one though (not that I really know what's out there...)

    3. Star Trek online is now free to play and there is Star Wars the Old Republic which isn't f2p.

      ooo...I should totally do some STO vids..thanks for the idea!

    4. Free-to-Play sounds like my budget ;)

  2. This is such a great help, thank you!