Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Tuesday Knights, Sims3 and Heart of Aspects

While Sims 3 isn't an MMO or RPG it is a POS (piece of shit).  Why do I continue to play this extremely buggy game? I have played betas with less bugs for sure.  I fancied some Sims 3 the other day.  I wanted to decorate and build, which is my most favourite thing about the Sims 3.  So imagine my horror when I had to patch.  Horror you say? Surely that is an exaggeration.  Yes, you would think.  But I know that patching in Sims 3 means I am going to lose whatever game I am working on or something will render it unplayable.  Oh and guess what? I was right. My Sims just stopped going to work.  They cancelled the action even when I tried to force it. They ended up getting fired.  My list of complaints of bugs is long and I won't bore anybody with them.  I just wanted to bitch. Of course I will continue to play it.  Of course.  /rant

In other news, I got my Heart of the Aspects.


in shadowform
Isn't this pretty? This is how the sky in Hellfire Peninsula looks on my pc.

Tonight is game night with the Tuesday Knights!

 A selection of the Dungeon Master's tweets:

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

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