Sunday, 4 March 2012

The tedium of Aion

Ian and I, as you know, have been playing Aion this week.  We rerolled on a different server as Nexus was insanely populated.  There are still 45 minute queues in the evenings.  I started a new mage and he a cleric.  We finally got to ascend and reach level ten.  It took days as the zone was so busy.  Not to mention the running everywhere and it is a big zone. I've been spoiled by WoW and all the recently added flight paths but if you remember vanilla WoW you know that wasn't always the case.

Anyway.  So we ascended and went to Pandemonium where we ran around like hooligans looking at everything.  The floor piano from Big was fun for about three minutes.  We both had to stop and dance though at the player who was playing the drums.  I am sure, if we continue, Ian will want to learn to do that.

I don't know why but for me Aion seems to be tedious.  That is how I felt before and how I still feel.  F2P hasn't changed it at all.  

Oh yes.  And apparently my former Daeva self wore lingerie. 

At any rate, while it is a pretty game, I don't love it.  However, this morning I did start a scout and no one was in the zone so it was easy going.  the scouts mechanics are fun as well as the animations but the thing that annoys me to no end is that I can't bind stealth/hide/sneak ( I forget the exact name) to my favourite key ( ` ). So if anyone knows how to do that...  Currently that key is used for the rest mechanic.

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