Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Stabby Stabby with the Tuesday Knights

Last night the Tuesday Knights had the third session (two including character creation) of the Tekralh campaign. In attendance we had Tim, Pete, Kevin, Simon and myself.  Rachel was there too as the perfect hostess.  She even put the cupcakes I brought on a tiered plate thingie like on the Great British Bake Off.  They looked very pretty. I think she may have even folded my scarf.  Claire, unfortunately, was ill so couldn't make it. We may or not have gotten her horse stolen (we did).  Sorry.

There was some combat.  Finally got to do some stabby stabby.  Though at one point, while on guard duty in hostile territory I missed a perception check with a ONE and nearly died.  I (Alys) was only unconscious so dying is probably an exaggeration.

My attempt at drawing Alys.  Not nearly as fantastic as my naga drawing.

 Had to use a hero point to heal  because my travelling companions had no way to help nor did they seem particularly interested in trying. Don't feel a bit guilty for stealing that key now. Oh wait, I never did.  Claire, the only one that can heal, wasn't there as previously stated.  Also convenient (not) was we found a map with writing yet we are all illiterate except Claire.  Do come back Claire!

When we left it we were heading to Castle Grayskull.  Ok, not really but that is what I am calling it.

I would like to get some of Pete's sketches for this blog.  They are really good.  I was pleased because I got to redraw my naga sketch for him.  And we all know how AWESOME that was.


  1. Very succinct write-up ;) It's always fascinating to hear what you all thought was going on - compared to my own interpretation of events.

    Hoping I have the energy to do my write-ups tomorrow... and let poor "Hob" know the details of his psychedelic 'dream' experience ;)

    1. You know I am not really a writer and I just figured you'd have a stellar write up that I could link :) I guess I did miss quite a bit.