Thursday, 8 March 2012

So long Aion. We meet again Rift.

Ian and I have both come to the conclusion that Aion will not make an acceptable game for us in the evenings.  After him playing during the weekend while I wasn't, he felt as if the game wasn't progressing and it was the same at later levels as it was at the earlier ones. And as I've mentioned in a previous post, I find Aion incredibly tedious.  So long Aion.  We wish you well.

If you've ever had an active subbed Rift account you can play for free this week to celebrate Rift's one year anniversary.  Has it really been a year? Such a wonderful game.  It is too bad I am bored with it at level cap but the journey sure was fun.  I don't raid any more and can only do the chronicles with Ian so many times. I will, however, log in to Rift this week to experience the carnival, play some games, win some prizes, etc.

Also, if you want a better write up of our gaming session on Tuesday, head over to IRBKM or the Tekralh campaign blog.

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