Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Secret World-Templars

"Where angels fear to tread, the Templars kick down doors"

Shortly after the game was revealed, there was a personality test on the Dark Days are Coming website (the first game event), which I took three times and each time I was a Templar.  The more I learn of the Templars the more I love them as well as the game itself (thank you Funcom for standard MMO combat and not trying to reinvent the wheel).

The Dragon may have their mysteries; the Illumaniti their incredible wealth and, you know, rocking parties.  But the Templars have history; they have depth; and they have the best tailors.  And class. Plenty of class. ~Ragnar Tornquist, Game Director-The Secret World
 I am particularly excited that the Templar headquarters is in London, the ancient capitol city of The Secret World and major social hub.  Having lived in London several years and still living quite close I am curious to see and experience Funcom's interpretation of the city.

So who are the templars?
The Templars are one of three secret societies in The Secret World along with the Dragon and Illumaniti.  Centuries ago the Templars kicked the Illumanti out of Europe and have since been arch enemies.

  • Old blood, new veins 
  • Tradition and honour above all
  • Righteous and holy crusaders
  • They don't participate in the war on evil.  They are the war on evil.
But before you go thinking the Templars are religious in any way, think again.  Funcom has stated that the Templars are purely fictitious and their history goes back to the time of Babylon long before Christianity existed. Ragnar himself explained in a twitter interview that the Templars aren't about Christianity but about faith.  And kicking demon ass.

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