Tuesday, 27 March 2012

MMO morning snark

"Watch this video in its entirety, and tell me it doesn't kindle a greater interest in this game." -Ian

This is the email I woke up to this morning.  Ian trying to tempt me with Total Biscuit (not amused with the bunny killing) to get me excited about GW2.

After watching the video all I see are dynamic public quests.  Oh hey Warhammer Online and Rift.  It does, however, seem that GW2 has taken it a step further or Total Biscuit would have us believe.  He annoys me this morning.  He is just oozing smugness.

Again it is a pretty game but there are two things that stop me getting excited about it.  All the weapon swapping and the asshats (kids/teens/very young "adults") that will inevitably play because it is essentially, after the purchase of the game, f2p.

I really do not like needless combat mechanics for the sake of making it "different" or "interesting".  I remember before Age of Conan was released Funcom was touting their combat as ground-breaking, etc.  It was annoying at best.

 Maybe I am just a traditionalist.  At any rate, this is my blog.  It is not a democracy.

Will I try GW2?  I suppose I will eventually.  When The Secret World lets me down terribly as it likely will (though a girl can dream).

So here is the Total Biscuit smugness in it's entirety.

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  1. There are a lo of dynamic events yes, which means there is always something to do. Plus there are actual traditional quests too that form part of your personal storyline, and these are not being covered by Total Biscuit so as not to provide spoilers. I very much like how you will scale to each lower zone so you may help lower level friends. There are also of course Dungeons!! Between this and Diablo 3, and continued WoW playtime - my gaming needs for the year are pretty much wrapped up.