Saturday, 24 March 2012

Illuminati Overview-TSW

The Illuminati.  How many guilds have I seen across several MMOs with this as their guild name? Many. I do see this society as being very popular.

As in history, the Illuminati of The Secret World aims to control world affairs.  The Illuminati are the most secretive of the societies in TSW and the arch nemesis of the Templars.

The Illuminati's headquarters is in New York in an underground abandoned warehouse.
So what do we know about the Illuminati?  The Dark Days are Coming website had this to say about them:

"Sex, Drugs & Rockefeller"
Notorious bad boys and girls of the secret world, the Illuminati are also the most ambitious, cut-throat and furtive of the secret societies.
From the gilded halls of the ancient pharaohs to the private clubs and the decadent parties of the famously rich and egocentrically famous, from leaders of industry and Hollywood agents to presidents and popes, the Illuminati have weaved their intricate web with ruthless cunning and acute skill.
They rule their corporate pyramid with cold opportunism, and only the strongest members survive. Their secrets can make you rich and powerful beyond compare - or they may destroy your soul and sanity with it
The Illuminati seek to plunder heaven and hell by any means necessary, and god help those who stand in their way.
As a member of the Illuminati, you don't play by anybody's rules. There are no rules. There is no honour.
There is only victory.
You have to admit, the gas masks are quite fetching.  Yet, it is not enough to make me want to play Illuminati.  My heart and soul belongs to the Templars. Here is hoping I can find me a gas mask as a Templar though.  *fingers crossed*

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