Thursday, 1 March 2012

Aion revisited

Over the last few days on twitter a few of us have decided to give Aion a go now it is free to play.  Only a couple of us had played before.  The relaunch, we will call it that for the sake of ease, was less than stellar.  It was supposed to go F2P on the 28th of Feb but rather the servers were finally available yesterday the 29th in the evening.

When I did manage to log in, Ian was there waiting as patiently as Ian can.  It certainly felt like a launch.  There were tons of people calling each other nabs/noobs, kill stealing, fighting over resources, and waiting for spawns.  You get the idea.

My level 6 Cleric

Having played before I was familiar with the interface, map, quest tracking and whatnot.  Not so for Ian.  It would be good to have his first impressions. Maybe I can get him to be a guest writer here on She Kills Monsters.  After I logged out for the evening, he was going to make another toon and learn the mechanics a bit more.

Aside from all the that, it felt like Aion.  There wasn't any item shop spam at all.  All the options were available in character creation.  The only thing that we noticed is that Ian couldn't trade something with me.  Not that big of deal.  We both had green weapons drop for us.  Plenty of potions and manastones were dropping as well.  The one thing I didn't do was actually look at the item shop to see what they were selling and that may be telling in that they have done such a brilliant job transitioning to f2p I didn't even notice it was now f2p.

It is still early days. Stay tuned.

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