Monday, 13 February 2012

You're so vain

This morning I logged into WoW to do my fishing daily and I got a sand crawler companion/vanity pet in my fishing bag as a reward.  This and the fact Tim won't let me keep my displacer beasts got me thinking about companion/vanity and combat pets in general.

Yes companion/vanity pets are cute and have fun little animations but I'd rather not.  If you know me (and no one who reads this does except for hubby and Ian) you know I love animals almost more than anything and to see a little animal (even if only pixels) running behind my mount trying to keep up is almost heartbreaking. The only time I'd ever get pets out is while standing around waiting for a raid to start.

However, most games like us to have cute vanity pets.  A lot of  players love collecting them and will go to great lengths to get them.  I think they are really just more about bragging rights.  Players just love showing off things they have gotten in game through hard work or a lucky drop.

I don't mind combat pets though.  When I play classes that have a combat pet I usually end up talking baby talk to it like I do my cats. They are inevitably all called Jimmy (the combat pets not my keep up  would you?). I do draw the line at singing to in game pets.  I reserve that right for my kitties. Don't judge...

One of my favourites, while not so much a vanity pet or combat pet as it was a buff, was my warlock's raven in EQ2.  I named him Nevermore.  Obviously.

A signature I made of Tanys my warlock EQ2
My whole point, which I am making rather badly, is that in the case of pets in MMOs I prefer function over form.

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