Thursday, 23 February 2012

Rep gain and starter zones

I don't want to make this a WoW-centric blog.  I really don't.  That is no fun for anyone but there is so little going on right now to write about.  The only things of note are that Guild Wars2 has opened up beta invites for a short time and The Secret World release has been pushed back. Even the Tuesday Knights was cancelled as (our tank?) Pete had to work. Not very exciting is it.  Okay well GW2 beta is a bit exciting.  Hope I get in.

Now here comes the WoW bit.

As you all know I've decided to start a new WoW account after a gazillion years of playing.  I wanted to try to experience the game after Cataclysm as it was intended for new players.  So let me get you up to speed.

I started with a blood elf mage.  Yes, I know I have two mages already.  I decided I wanted an undead mount instead of the super chicken that is the racial belf mount.  I have to say that the undead starter areas, up to Arathi actually, are awesome.  Well done to whoever re-designed the quests there.  Not to mention the new undead towns.  The rep comes fast and furious if you just follow the quest lines. As a bonus you get to hang out with Slyvanas.  I was exalted with Undercity and had my undead mount by level 26.

Off to the Alliance where I start a Night Elf Priest.  Right.  I know. I have three priests already.  Shut up. This time, since Night Elves get the coolest mount as their racial, I decided to go for Ironforge rep and try to get a  ram. I did all the quests from level 5 all the way to Wetlands and then researched where to find more IF quests.  This priest is now level 53 and still NOT exalted.  I think we have a problem.  

I won't go into the priest changes this post but let's just say it is a mixed bag.

Yesterday, I thought I would try the human starting areas to see how they have changed and how the paladin has changed.  I know! I have a paladin already.  Leave me alone.  Brutal.  Slow. Painful.  That is how it is going.  I just cannot believe the disparity between starting zones.  It is like the devs/designers didn't even try with Elwynn Forest. It feels as if the new rate at which you gain spells versus the zone don't match up. I got annoyed after level 10 and went to Night Elf areas which I know are more streamline.

Today's top WoW tip:
If you are new, start in Tirisfal Glade if Horde or if Alliance start in Teldrassil.  There are ways to get to both areas if you are playing a different race than undead or night elf.

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