Thursday, 9 February 2012

Hey! Hey! Wanna join my guild??!?

I've joined a guild.  Normally when I join a guild it means I want to raid but not this time.  This time I have joined as a social.  But this isn't the point of the post.  The point is the terrifying amount of guild spam in WoW.   What is happening, since guild levelling and perks were introduced, is that everyone and their corehound pup wants their own guild which results in a large amount of level one guilds spamming in chats including whispers.
The names speak for themselves

Sure you can turn on block guild invites.  That prevents a guild invite popping up every few seconds but it does nothing for the automated whispers. Bad grammar, spelling, and leet speak are par for the course.

EQ2 also has guild levelling, perks and a guild finder (or used to at any rate.) which I am sure Blizzard  ripped off borrowed the idea from but I never once got guild spammed.  Then again, socially, WoW has always been a different sort of beast.

So here is a top tip if you are new WoW player or thinking about playing WoW: Never join a guild from a random invite or whisper.  Any guild worth joining will have a website and an application process and YOU will find them via the forums or their in game advertisement in a respectable channel (General or Guild recruitment) which will then direct you to their website.

And never ever accept a guild invite from this guy:

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