Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Giddy up!

As stated previously I am playing WoW on a brand new account without any of my mounts of my other EU account or US account which got me thinking about the mounts I want.  I think my two favourite land mounts in WoW are Swift Skeletal Warhorse and the Swift Moonsaber.  My blood elf mage, at level 26, already is exalted with Undercity and has the ghetto version of the Skeletal Warhorse.  Few more levels and she will be riding in style.  My baby Night Elf priest has a long way to go before she can get the Swift Moonsaber but she is working on her Ironforge and Gnomergen rep to get a ram and a mechnostrider in the interim.
Swift Moonsaber
Swift Ochre Skeletal Warhorse
When I used to play EQ2, before it was ruined by F2P (My opinion. Shut up), I coveted the pink warg.  PINK WARG!!! It was expensive and one needed a guild of a certain level and that guild would have to give you permission to buy the pink warg.  I never got my pink warg, sadly. I did, however, have my Rilissian Soldier's Rhino and he was a little bit of awesome even if he wasn't pink.
Pink Warg!!

Rilissian Soldier's Rhino

The Ancient Murdantix Spawn is one of the best looking mounts in Rift.  Ian and I had one drop in Hammerknell Chronicle but I passed so he could have it.  Aren't I nice?

Ancient Murdantix Spawn

One of these days I will have the Swift Platinum War steed.
Swift Platinum War Steed

Here is a quick look at some great looking Warhammer Online mounts, which I never had. 
Chaos steed

War Boar
Just looking at Warhammer's mounts makes me want to play.  I think I have gamer ADD.

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  1. Yes, you were very kind to let me have that bad ass mount. Shame the game has gone F2P, leaving me pissing in the wind a bit until GW2.