Saturday, 18 February 2012

A case of the wants

I saw this a couple days ago when I logged into WoW and immediately got a case of the wants.
Heart of the Aspects is a gorgeous gold flying mount reminiscent of a Chinese dragon. Normally I prefer my dragons more western in design but this one is unlike anything in game so far.  I suspect Mists of Pandaria  will bring in much more Asian themed items.  Normally I don't buy things from the Blizzard store; however, I did buy the sparkle pony and will definitely get this when I have a character high enough level to fly on this account.

Heart of the Aspects is a million gazillion times better than the sparkle pony.  What is a sparkle pony you ask? I am glad you did because I just happen to have a picture of it. It's official name is Celestial Steed I just prefer calling it a sparkle pony.
WoW isn't known for it's stunning graphics but on my Alienware even WoW looks gorgeous as I play it on Ultra super duper maxed out extreme omgwtfbbq setting.  So when I saw the Heart of the Aspects on the login I thought surely there must be some wanker with the mount already sitting on it in Stormwind.  I was right.  There are always wankers in Stormwind.   I had to see Heart of Aspects on my Alien. IT WAS AWESOME! So shiny, iridescent, glowy and gorgeous. It will be mine in 14 levels.

When I do get it I will most assuredly be taking screenshots to backup my claims of Alienware awesomeness.  Don't think I won't.

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