Saturday, 25 February 2012

Betas, total biscuits and end of nations.

The signup for GW2 beta has ended and according to a retweet by Massively they ended up with a million sign ups.  A million!

 A lot of people are excited for it and yes it does look good. I think my problem is, and why I lack excitement over it all, Guild Wars itself.  I never was that big of a fan of the original but I did play it several times over the years mainly out of a need to play something.
The above video is from The Cynical Brit aka TotalBiscuit. When you want to know about a game before release this is the guy to see.  He is funny but thorough.

Did you know Trion has a new game? I didn't until this morning reading it on twitter. For someone who has a gaming blog, I am woefully uninformed at times.   End of Nations is an MMORTS.  Couldn't appeal to me less.  But if that is your thing you should take a look.  Given how polished Rift was at launch I can only surmise EoN will be the same.

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