Friday, 27 January 2012


I've been debating for a few days if I should give in and play Skyrim or not.  I played Oblivion for a bit and didn't love it.  Yesterday, Richard and I were in Tunbridge Wells and just happen to be passing by the Game store and I finally picked up Skyrim.

I installed it yesterday afternoon when we got home and was excited to see what it would look like on my Alienware.  I was not disappointed.  Gorgeous game.  I fiddled around for a little while just figuring out where my controls were and whatnot thinking I would play more the next day and was looking forward to it.

This morning with my gaming coffee cup full I fired up Skyrim again.   That was four hours ago and I just quit. I've been in jail twice, stolen far more than I've been caught and killed a multitude of wolves on my way to Rustin to find the thieve's guild.  I have yet to buy any gear.  I've stolen it all.

I can see myself playing this game like I play Sims 3 as one of my go to games when I don't feel like playing my MMO of choice.


  1. You have been assimilated! I've invested far to much time in this game. I played the other ES games and this is by far the best story. Of course, all I did in oblivion was join the dark brotherhood and then kill everyone in it.

  2. Welcome to the Skyrim club! Totally not surprised the Thieves Guild would be your first stop. The Dark Brotherhood will appeal to your assassination senses also :)