Monday, 30 January 2012


I named her Alys after my Tekralh thief
This morning, with my gaming sized coffee cup full, I stumbled into the office to check all my social media and thought "hey, I will just play Skyrim for an hour".  I had started my thief over as I had made some mistakes, or as my mother calls them "discoveries", and wanted to try again because I am pretty sure being level 3 with no armour and trying to get into the ratway isn't what one is meant to do (I died..a lot).  So, I decided to have a peek into Black Falls Barrow.  That was three and a half hours ago.  I really had only wanted to play an hour as I needed to go the chemist this morning.  This game is taking up so much of my game time, I haven't played Rift in days.  DAYS!!

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