Monday, 16 January 2012

She is a crafty lass

Crafting - Game systems that are designed around the creation of goods. Crafted items generally include things like weapons, armor, potions, enchantments, dyes, food, drink, and the like.

Some gamers don't care for crafting in their MMO.  Those are the gamers that don't seem to have any patience or ones who get bored easily.  I am not one of those.  I love crafting.

 I could make a nice tidy list of the best and worst MMO crafting but that really is subjective isn't it? You may simply adore crafting in WoW whereas I think it is rubbish. As usual this blog is about me and my thoughts on MMOs.  I don't care about your thoughts.  No, not you.  I don't mind yours.

But if you do want a nice tidy list on crafting in MMOs I am sure there are plenty available.  Oh, you wanted a link? As if.

So, which MMO has my favourite crafting. That is hard question.  EQ2, LOTRO, Fallen Earth, Vanguard all have really great crafting. Though they could be complete and utter wank now for all I know now that some have gone free to play.

I really like crafting systems that require lots of gathering/harvesting and have a couple layers in the crafting process.  Vanguard's can get a little too much for me but I'd say LOTRO, Fallen Earth and EQ2 had it right.

One of the coolest things about EQ2 and Vanguard is that you can't just walk away while crafting.  You, as the player, have to actually participate in the process instead of your character just wringing their hands over a forge and you've gone for a cup of coffee. There are probably mods to do the work for you so you can go get your coffee but that means you are a big cheater, aren't you? Shame on you.
Vanguard Crafting Panel

EQII crafting panel-before F2P
Fallen Earth's crafting is different in that you don't need to be an active participant at all.  You can be killing baddies or even sleeping and still be crafting.  In FE you can queue up to 20 items to be crafted while offline or doing whatever it is you do. That being said, FE does have a rather deep crafting system.  At least it used to be that way.

LOTRO was pretty standard as far as its crafting panel but you were required to make certain things to make the certain thing you actually wanted, which gave it a bit more depth.

Really no point in going over the worst. They know who they are and I need a cup of coffee.

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