Tuesday, 24 January 2012

(Not) Acting out

There is an ongoing discussion over at I'd Rather Be Killing Monsters and on Tim's google+ about acting and roleplaying.

I think that, if when I started playing and, if  I knew that the preconception was that D&D/RPgs were acting, I wouldn't have gotten involved.  I have always been very shy and don't like to draw attention to myself. Acting is an extremely unappealing venture to my mind. However, that was not the case and went in without any preconceived notions.

For me, it is me being me in a fantasy setting.  I am my character, as myself, just with parameters. Alys, my thief, has a high charisma.  I don't.  I usually come off as snobby (because I am shy).  So rather than try to be all charming in roleplaying I will just rely on the dice.   Also, I am the only American sitting at a table full of Brits with their lovely educated accents but I am not going to affect a British accent for the sake of continuity.

I will be the only American in the village.

Just my two copper pieces worth.


  1. That's why I've never gotten into LARPing - as much as I love the costumes and the idea of whacking people with foam swords - I'm too self-conscious to "stay in character" for the amount of time required (and why puberty killed off any acting aspirations I might have had... I fear being cast in the lead of one school play went to my head for a while).

  2. "Whacking people with foam swords", yep sounds like fun to me.

  3. We haven't got educated accents... have we???

    I love the acting in the sense of acting within the limitations of your character. It's very freeing to act as if you are unhinged / charismatic / stupid / violent for an evening with no consequences.