Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A murloc and a harpy walk into a bar...

I was questing this morning in Droughtlands and it occurred to me that I really despise harpies.  Horrid creatures. They have the aggro radius of a murloc (if you've played WoW, you know what I mean) and they shriek before they attack much like a murloc.  Not that murlocs shriek but that do make a very special sound.
Baby Murlocs are super sweet though.
I am sure baby harpies are as hideous as the grown up harpies. Though we may never know because it seems every game I've played that has harpies they sit on their eggs and the eggs never hatch. No wonder they are so angry.  Maybe if they'd quit attacking everything in a 100 mile radius (an exaggeration) the eggs might stay warm.  Stupid harpies.
Rift Harpy
There is no punchline.

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