Saturday, 28 January 2012

First gaming session

So this last Tuesday was our first real gaming session of the Tuesday Knights Tekralh campaign.  I won't give blow by blow details of the session but I'd say it went well though I didn't get to kill anything. No stabby stabby for me or anyone for that matter. If you would like more details of the session I suggest you read about it right here.

Tim's wife Rachel is the consummate hostess (and she has great taste in house slippers).  She brought out these lovely pizza trays with all types of pizza with little tags with the pizza types on them! I wish I would have taken a picture. It pleases me to no end that I get to be geeky in a  plum-ish/lavender coloured dining room.  If you know me, you know I love design (the link is my Polyvore page) especially fashion and interior.  I play Sims3 mainly for that reason.  Actually, that is the only reason I play Sims3.

We had Tim (DM), Kevin, Pete, Clare and myself in attendance.  The startling realization for me was that D&D-esque roll player sounds much better with British accents.  I know in the states my DMs were always affecting some sort of supposed British accent for the villains at a minimum.  Come on, you know you've done it if you are a yank...I know you! Hell, even Dungeon Bastard says it is one of the three characters you must know how to play as a DM.

I like when DMs make the journey to the destination part of the adventure and Tim is doing that.  He also is great at describing the environment and people we meet.  I really can't wait to see how it all develops once every one finds their feet so to speak.

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  1. Oh, thank you for the kind words. I'm so pleased you've joined our little group and I hope the campaign lives up to your expectations!

    I suspect "stabby-stabby" is just down the road ;)