Saturday, 7 January 2012

Dungeon Bastard versus Dungeon Dan

Thanks to the awesome sauce that is Tim at I'd Rather Be Killing Monsters I was introduced to Dungeon Bastard.  Well introduced to his little videos.  Not the actual bastard.  I don't know him.  I immediately fell in serious like with Dungeon Bastard and his 1980s sweatbands.  As a side note, when I was eleven I thought I was the bees knees because I had a pair of sweatbands. I wore them everywhere and even started spitting like a boy because I felt so cool. Because boys feel cool.  I am sure of it. Anyway!

Here he is the Dungeon Bastard.
In the other corner we have Dungeon Dan who is a Myndflame invention. For those that don't know Myndflame is group that produces machinima for the World of Warcraft.  In their heyday they were the best at what they did.  Now, though, it is all a bit dated and no longer even funny. It is meant to making fun of add-ons and the moronic things people do in dungeons.  WoW needs to be put out to pasture and Myndflame find greener ones.  I give you Dungeon Dan.


  1. Dungeon Dan is totally mental!!! And are they saying in WoW you have to "queue" to get into a dungeon (kinda like a fairground ride?)

    Word verification: conan (how cool is that???)

  2. Yep Tim that is exactly what they are saying. you can get your group or raid together yourself though and bypass any queuing . If you want to do a dungeon with strangers then yes, you have to queue through the dungeon finder tool.

  3. That's so funny :D Thanks for explaining that.