Thursday, 12 January 2012

Deal breaker

Everyone has deal breakers in life from picking a partner to employment.  For me gaming is no exception.  While I mock female armour that in itself is not a deal breaker.  What is a deal breaker for me is movement.  I refuse to do point and click movement in an MMO.  I have learned over the years to research character movement before starting any new game.  I have downloaded too many games only to play for them five minutes. It's not just point and click but the actual run of the character.  I will not play a game with that ridiculous forward run thing that Korean devs like to put in their games.
Below is game play footage of Lineage II.
Who runs like that?!? Seriously.  I am sure Koreans don't run like that so why, oh why, must it be put in games???

It appears that Tera, which looks absolute rubbish, has this kind of movement as well. Don't even get me started on the over sexed nature of this game...

It is a long video.  I don't expect anyone to watch the whole thing.  I couldn't.

I know I wasn't going to go on about Tera but the spell casting is so horrifying I have to point it out.

I weep for the future of gaming.


  1. I played L2 for about 2 years. Which is amazing that I lasted that long clicking the frigging screen. It got to a point where I'd click on the horizon, and then just click when I needed to stop. Seriously a pain in the ass. As for the Dark Elf run - I actually thought it looked kinda cool. But only if swords were drawn. I do believe I've seen that type of movement in Martial Arts movies, when the swordsman (or woman!) is moving toward the target.

    Also - in House of House of Flying Daggers, the General's men move like this. Also not Korean, but Korean artists have a tendency to borrow a lot from surrounding cultures.