Thursday, 5 January 2012

Character Customization-Part Six

2009 saw the release of Fallen Earth and Aion in North America.  Aion was released in Korea in 2008. I am starting with Fallen Earth since it is one of my favourite games for atmosphere, world environment and just overall vibe. For me, combat is the only thing that lets it down but that is just me and this isn't a review of the game.  If I could make the perfect game for me from all the MMOs I've played a lot of it would come from Fallen Earth.

Character creation in Fallen Earth is fun.  I did spend more time than was necessary making my characters.  Make up styles AND colours.  Enough said. While Fallen Earth is mostly presets it does offer a lot of choices from markings, tattoos, cosmetics, and piercings to clothing choices.
Aion is home of the over the top armour, plate bikini and high heels.  It is a very pretty game to be sure.  However, pretty doesn't make for exciting game play it makes for ridiculousness.  Imagine wielding a longsword in high heels. I can barely manage a handbag with high heels let alone a bastard sword.

Aion's character creation is full of choices.  If anime is your thing then this is definitely for you.


  1. You should try (briefly because it is awful otherwise) the character creator in Star Trek Online.

    Cryptic don't do much well, but they do love giving options.