Monday, 9 January 2012

Aion female armour

Aion is known for being one of the raciest when it comes to female armour though really I think it can be said of most of the Korean games.

There are so many examples of the armours in Aion I don't know where to begin.  Let's start by looking at some male armour first.

A bit silly but that is the style of the game.  My guess is the clawed boots aren't terribly practical.  Not to mention the neon pink.  Because you REALLY want to stand out on a battlefield.  Hey guys! I'm over here! No. Just no.

The same armour on female characters.

A little piece of me dies when I look at this.  Not because I am a raging feminist but because of the sheer stupidity of it.  The complete impractical nature of it. What precisely do thigh highs have to do with anything outside of the boudoir? They have no place on a battlefield, dungeon or for that matter any game world.  Unless it is a costume or maybe cloth armour but that is really pushing it. Heart, lungs, vital organs in the abdomen and the femoral artery exposed in the female armour but not in the male just for the sake of aesthetics.  I curse you Aion!

So how, Mer, is a female character supposed to look? I am glad you asked.  Let's take my Everquest2 Paladin for an example.  She wears plate.

She looks awesome! Now that is plate. She still looks pretty and feminine but the difference here is she is covered.  Best female armour ever. EVER!

Now just to prove my point further I leave you with the trailer for Queen's Blade.


  1. Dear Korean Game Developers,

    I want my muffin covered, thanks.

    Not A Whore

  2. Just a slight comment. Not all armor in Aion is like this. The current set of armor I'm wearing is plate armor on my Templar. It look's like this set here:

    In an additional note, the first female set is a leather set, and while it is impractical yes leather armor and cloth armor are meant to be lighter armors. As far as the claws go, you linked Asmodian characters which actually have claws on their hands and feet due to a mutation from living with no sunlight and they needed the adaptation to survive.

    As for myself, I do prefer the armor that has coverage. BUT, I don't like to look like a machine when I'm fighting, I like my curves :p.