Tuesday, 27 December 2011


The title of my blog is She Kills Monsters but in fact my favourite things to kill in a game are humanoids.  However, She Kills Humanoids doesn't have the same ring.  I do like killing monsters though but what I do not like is killing animals/critters.  Yet so many games will have one kill multiple bears, wolves, deer, pigs.  WoW is the most guilty of this in my not so humble opinion.

This horrible dwarf is responsible for  most of the genocide in World of Warcraft.

It is so well known in WoW that a new quest line was introduced with Wrath of the Lich King featuring a organization called D.E.H.T.A. (Druids for the Ethical and Humane Treatment of Animals).

EQ2 and Aion are culpable as well.  There is a quest I just won't do in Enchanted Lands. It involves the killing of Bambi! Bambi!!! My eight year old self weeps at the thought.

Deer in Everquest2

One of the many reason I like Rift and AoC ( I play occasionally) is the vast amount of humanoid and monster killing (which they likely deserve due to their nefarious deeds).

One of my characters killing some sort of monster-y thing.
I do wish the devs of these games would give us more monsters and humanoids to kill. I think they just run out of ideas.  Open up a monster manual people!  Personally I'd like to see more beholders.  One can never have too many eyes.


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