Thursday, 29 December 2011

Character Customization- Part Two

Today I am looking at City of Heroes/City of Villains which were released in 2005.  CoH/CoV are by far the best for character customization.  No other game comes close.  There are so many choices.  One can spend hours creating his or her characters.  Hours!  Because of the dazzling array of options finding your character's twin would be extremely unlikely. I have personal preference for goth super villains, which reminds this.  It is funny.

Here are two videos of CoH character creation.  First is the version I know and love.  The second is the free version, which I've not played yet.

Next is Guild wars released in April of 2005. Guild wars is rather similar to WoW in that there are a handful of faces and hairstyles to choose from.  Guild Wars does offer some clothing colour options.  Nothing spectacular.

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