Friday, 30 December 2011

Character Customization-Part three

I was going to write a witty piece about MMOs going free to play and then decided I didn't really care.  Except when they want you to pay for bag space.  I hate that.  Screw you fattie!

Right.  Character Creation.  The only game I can recall playing that was released in 2006 is Dungeons and Dragons Online.   I remember signing up for this beta.  Of course I never got into the beta but I didn't hold that against them.  It was DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS after all.

No, not that Dungeons and Dragons. Okay, I just wanted an excuse to post one of my favourite cartoons from my childhood.

This Dungeons and Dragons. Also known as DDO. Keep up would you?
It has gone free to play as well so the character creation is more limited now in that you have to unlock certain classes by purchasing them individually. I did like the character creation in DDO.  Any time a game lets me choose my characters lipstick colour, I am happy. I spent a good amount of time making pretty elves with coordinating hair and lippy.  Don't judge me!  A girl has to look her best when killing monsters.

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