Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Character Customization- Part One

Character customization, while not the end all and be all of gaming, sure is fun.  I am going to be showcasing  in game character customization of games I have played or play or will play again (except WoW. Can we say snowball's chance in hell?).  I will be choosing two games based on their release dates.  I will not be comparing them to each other.  There.  We've got that sorted.  On with the show!

Everquest II is up first.  EQ2 was released November 8, 2004 .

EQ2 has a fair amount of choices with a lot of races to choose from.  In game, you aren't too likely to find another character that looks exactly like yours which is always a good thing. Except my characters.  They all look alike. Human female with ponytail.  All of them. I have to play pretty characters.  While I have nothing against lizards (I quite like them), I don't want to play one.

Next up is World of Warcraft.  It was released November 23, 2004.

Customization is very limited in WoW.  It seems like every female night elf priest has long white hair. Mine did.  You are very likely to find your character's doppelgänger in WoW.  I have played with people who have often followed the wrong person thinking it was my character (I am looking at you Ian).  I'd say that is rather telling wouldn't you?


  1. So true, how many times did I find myself following complete strangers - often into grave danger. Loving these blog posts great work!

  2. I'm actually a bit saddened by the "new" EQII. Now that it's free to play, the character customization has been waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay streamlined. What used to take hours (for me, at least lol) now takes maybe 10 minutes. Good for the average gamer, bad for someone like me.

  3. I am afraid of the free EQII. Afraid!