Saturday, 31 December 2011

Character Customization-Part Four

Before I start subjecting a handful of readers to YouTube videos and sketchy reviews on character creation, I would like to welcome my newest follower Simon Forster from The Sky Full of Dust .

 There is a companion pet and NPC in Rift called Dead Simon. Apologies for the crap screen shot.  It isn't mine.

I am starting today with Vanguard Saga of Heroes.   More of the same really.  Preset heads and hair with a bit of wiggle room in colours.  Vanguard does give us the all important boob slider though, which is INTEGRAL to game play. It isn't.  I am being facetious.  While I am on the subject, an upcoming MMO has only female playable characters with very little armour.  Gosh.  I wonder who their target audience is? But I will leave female armour types for later posts (but thank you EQ2 for giving my female cleric full plate.)  So.  Vanguard Saga of Heroes.  You can see the boob slider in action now.

That was fun.  Next! Lord of the Rings Online.  Also released in 2007.  I admit this is another game I spent far too much time making elves (the human females look constipated and I refuse to play anything with hairy feet).  LOTRO did something nifty in that they gave you colour options depending on where your character originates from e.g. Rivendale, Mirkwood.

Have a safe and happy New Year's all!


  1. Thanks :) I found that the EVE character creation had a lot of customisation, when it came to appearance.

  2. I've not played Eve. PvP in space isn't really my thing I don't think. I like my pvp on the ground.

    ...I don't even know what that meant!