Monday, 25 May 2015

Easy mode

Apparently, subbing and playing a class you enjoy makes all the difference. Especially the subbing. I know I said I wasn't going to (if you've read this blog any length of time you will know I change my mind often) but that 12xXP was too tempting.

I did reroll a Sith sorcerer in the end yesterday. When I left her last evening she was level 19 and thanks to Madcow (not his real name but one of his WoW toons) she is decked out in gear and has a mount.

I like the 12x XP for story mode. Because the story is all I am doing so far, I am really getting into it. I enjoy giving snarky answers and having all my decisions be dark side.  Seeing Harkun get his comeuppance from Lord Zash was extremely satisfying. Yes, I know what she is up to.

So F2P versus subbing? Subbing all the way. No doubt you can have the overall experience with F2P but subbing, for me at least, makes it so much more enjoyable.

Maybe I just enjoy easy mode.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

It isn't rocket surgery

Star Wars:The Old Republic is feeling a bit tedious this time around and I am not sure what the difference is.  I've played the little assassin to level 12 and it felt a chore. I thought: well,I loved the Sith Sorcerer on EU and happily levelled her but don't really fancy doing the same storyline again. Why not make a Jedi Consular? So, that is what I did after trying a smuggler. Both I  found, to use the same word, tedious.

Maybe I should just reroll a Sith sorcerer because that is clearly what I enjoy. I did it on EU without all the story XP bonus as well so it must have been fun.

It is also possible I am just not playing the assassin, smuggler and consular right but honestly it isn't rocket surgery.  You push buttons at different times for different situations. Yep, standard MMO stuff.

What to do? What to do? Any suggestions? Leave them below. Or don't. Really don't care either way.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Buns of Felsteel

One of the reasons I was excited to come back to my NA WoW account was to play my orc female shaman again.  She was my joint first character. I made an alliance human rogue and her at the same time when I started playing in 2004.  My shaman was my raider (though I did raid on my druid as well who was my third character). She was doing Molten Core when it was a thing. You know, forty of your closest friends.

Anyway, she was/is lovely. My friend Madcow said she had buns of felsteel.  So, with so much history I was looking forward to playing her. Imagine my horror, on logging in, to find with the recent character remodels her run had totally changed.  It looks like she is running with a full shitty nappy. It is awful.

Probably not a big deal to most but I have to play pretty characters which I have likely mentioned somewhere in the depths of this blog before.

I used to have an order for prettiness (before remodel):

Night elves
Blood elves

Anything above human I would play. Even when racials mattered I still would only play those races. Now, with character remodels my list has changed. Night elves are no longer the most glorious of creatures. Humans are really pretty now (thank you Blizz for correcting their square toes) and at the top with blood elves and undead. My beloved orc has been relegated to the same rank as dwarves and trolls.

Sorry, but that run is a deal breaker for me. I've made a draenei shaman to replace her with.

I will miss her. We had some great times. I won't delete her of course but instead will log in to her occasionally and reminisce .

Tuesday, 19 May 2015


So, I got over myself and decided to make up the lost levels.  My little assassin is now level 12 and even joined an aussie/kiwi guild.  I am still keeping an eye on you SW:TOR.  There won't be any subbing any time soon though the 12x XP sure would be nice.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Pure evil

I am beyond annoyed right now.

I have spent my afternoon happily levelling my new little sith inquisitor having just come back to Star Wars: The Old Republic. I did all my quests on korriban, got my dude and my lightsaber and was sent to Dromund Kaas.  Here I got to pick my specialization and chose to be a hatred assassin. All in all got nearly 5 levels.  I had started the session at level 6 and at almost level 11 I was kicked off.  The Harbinger was down for a short time.  When I finally was able to log back in (and looking forward to trying out my new double lightsaber) I find myself back at Sith Academy and level 8!!!

Maybe I will redo it all tomorrow or some other day but right now just can't be bothered to play I am that frustrated. As I mentioned on twitter, I haven't seen this level of ass hattery since vanilla wow.

Here she is: The would be hatred assassin.

I was having a lot of fun making her pure evil. Now, I just can't be arsed.


A lot has happened recently in my life, which has affected the region I now play my games on.  Gone are the halcyon days of EU gaming.  I am now back on North American realms/Oceania because I am living in New Zealand!

The cool thing about this is I am back to my original WoW account on NA.  I can now proudly strut around with my old PvP titles and dark portal tabard.


Sunday, 16 December 2012

Back to Rift

I have been playing the hell out of Mists of Pandaria since its release and after four level 90s am a bit burned out.  I still have to continue to play to a degree-enough to write about it for OnRPG but for the most part am taking a break from dailies, scenarios, levelling, etc. I am also still playing GW2, again, because I write about it for OnRPG but I could use a bit of a break from that as well.

Luckily, Storm Legion, the first Rift expansion was released recently. This weekend is a freebie for everyone to try it so of course I have been and of course I re-subbed. I did say I would go back to Rift when the first expansion came out. 

There has been so many changes it is a bit overwhelming looking at my three 50s. So. I decided since my sister and brother in law are playing too I would play on their US realm. 

On EU I have a mage, a rogue and a cleric. So it was only natural to make a warrior on US with the added bonus of the new soul.  So I am now playing a ranged warrior, which is essentially, as far as I can determine, a caster in plate. Really fun but it is still early days. She is only level 12.